The Best Way to Get Coconut Charcoal from Indonesia

Currently coconut charcoal is one of the commodities that are needed by many people. This coconut charcoal is used for various purposes. Ranging from cooking to other purposes such as blacksmithing and goldsmiths. And if you are currently looking for good quality coconut charcoal, you can choose to use coconut charcoal from Indonesia. As we know, Indonesia is a tropical country with many coconut trees that grow there. With the large number of coconut trees, of course the amount of coconut charcoal available is also abundant so coconut charcoal indonesia price is also affordable.

We can get this coconut charcoal in various shapes and variants such as Charcoal Coconut Lump, Briquettes Charcoal and Stick Charcoal Coconut from a number of exporters of coconut charcoal in Indonesia. One of the exporters of coconut charcoal that we can use is Solusindo Karya Nusa. Here we will get quality coconut charcoal because it has undergone and passed a series of tests. Some of the tests conducted by Solusindo’s for the coconut charcoal include the Moisture Content test, Ash Content, Volatile Matter, Gross Calorific Value, and Fixed Carbon test.

Before we order large quantities of coconut charcoal from solusindo Karya nusa we can get the sample for free (only need to pay freight costs). If we buy coconut charcoal from Solusindo and will sell it to other parties, we can also use our logo and brand.

So if you want to import charcoal from Indonesia, then what you have to do is as follows:

  1. You send a letter of offer according to your needs to Solusindo Karya Nusa at email
  2. Solusindo Karya Nusa will reply to your offer
  3. Both parties will sign the contract or agreement
  4. You get the sample and after that you will place a 50% deposit for formal orders and last 50% paid when the bill of lading / air way bill release, or payment method based on sales contract.
  5. Solusindo Karya Nusa will arrange the production based on your request.

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